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 What Is The Content Strategy Alliance?

The Content Strategy Alliance is working to bring together like-minded professionals focused on establishing content strategy as a recognized, understood and respected discipline.

We hope to provide the CS community and businesses with thought leadership, information on jobs, case studies, best practices, a forum to discuss issues with others in the field – and other opportunities as we think of them or members suggest them.

Content covers a wide area. We welcome collaborators in related fields: UX, Information Architecture, Marketing, TechCom, Social Media, Copywriting,  etc. And EVEN Content Marketing.

 Why not get involved?

We can always use some extra help. If you’d like to contribute to a project — better yet! suggest one— join the CSA. Or for those of you who really know your stuff, consider becoming a mentor and helping a junior member learn the ropes by completing the questionnaire.  (You can also sign up to GET a mentor by completing the questionnaire.) Wherever you’d like to jump in is fine;  just click on the links below.





The 2014 Content Strategy Business Survey is here!

We are looking for Chief Content Officers or CMOs who set the content strategy for their company to take our Business Survey. We also need to hear from companies who aren't doing content strategy so we can find out why. Please reach out to your contacts.

Why SEOs Need to Care About User Experience by Patrick Hathaway

Read the 2014 Content Strategy Survey Report .

Plus read what content strategists have to say in the Content Strategy Survey Summary.

The CSA had a great time exhibiting at The LavaCon Conference October 12-15 in Portland, Oregon. CSA Members Marli Mesibov spoke. Check out her

And since we met so many great Tech Writers/Content Strategists at Lavacon, you might want to check out this great article from 2010 by Kathy Hanbury.

CSA Member and Mentor Project Lead Amanda Gallucci writes about Including Infuencers in your Content Strategy. Go, Amanda!

CSA Member Sally Bagshaw's advice on what to do when content goes wrong

Content Strategy Term of the Week is Content Migration

Noz Urbina on
Integrating our Online and Offine worlds

Joe Pulizzi
Discusses the need to expand the role of content curation.

Six Insights from Content’s Brightest Minds

CSA co-founder, Noreen Compton aka @contentgal, is proud to be included in the great company of Amy Thibodeauu/Facebook, Shannon Rentner/Digital Mktg Strategist, Hazel Jennings/Instagram, Andrea Goulet Ford/BrandVox & Sarah Werner/Click Rain.

How would you answer this interview question: Articulate & represent visually (whiteboard drawing) one content strategy framework that you've used successfully in the past. Join the conversation.