Welcome to the  Content Strategy Alliance Resume Manager Page!  Under the “Resume Manager” menu above, you will see three different menu  options that will take you to each of the following pages:

Submit resume –  Provides job seekers with the ability to upload their resume, add additional  details (such as education and experience), and provide a professional summary.  Job seekers can review their resume posting before it goes live. All resumes are subject to approval by the website  administrator before they appear on the resumes list.

Candidate Dashboard  – Provides resume posters the ability to edit, hide, or delete their approved resumes.

Resumes –  Provides a listing of all submitted resumes, so that other members of our  community can preview resumes in order to help candidates find new  opportunities.

NOTE: You do not have to be a member of the Content Strategy Alliance in order to access these features.


This service is offered for free. Parties entering into negotiations do so entirely at their own risk.  The CSA offers no guarantees , neither warrants, validates, verifies nor endorses any offer or claims as to competency, suitability or any other representations made by individuals or organizations.  Additionally, please note that both your professional summary and contact information will be publicly visible.